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Egg Omelet Cups

Egg Omelet CupsThis idea saved me so much time!!! Once a week I will make a a muffin tray of these and keep what I think I will use in the next few days in the fridge and freeze the rest. I switch up the ingredients each time too. So for instance, always using bacon (from the farm if possible) and eggs (pastured when possible) but I may saute onions, ground meat (rotate bison, beef, mutton, sausage), greens (spinach , kale, or chards) in lots of grassfed butter one time. The next I may use more veggies – peppers, broccoli, mushrooms – whatever I have on hand. This way they don’t get boring and your nutrients are always varied. Then I top with a cheese of some kind – if you don’t have raw cheese from the farm, try for a grassfed cheddar, feta or whatever your preference is. I eat them cold right out of the fridge! But if I want them warm – they reheat in the toaster oven just fine (I try to avoid the microwave as much as possible).

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Jennifer is a Holistic Health Practitioner. She uses a muscle testing technique to bioenergetically assess the bodies needs to create a designed clinical nutrition program for nutrients and detoxification. She is a wife, mother, philanthropist and a chapter leader for Weston A. Price who has a passion for health and wellness. Before her experience with nutrition, Jennifer struggled with several health issues, was on many daily medications and was facing hormone therapy at the age of 35. Since having a nutrition program that was designed specifically for her and detoxifying her body, she has been free of all drugs (prescription and over-the-counter) with no imbalances at all. It was truly a life change she feels blessed to passionately share with others.

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