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What Exactly Do You Do?

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We provide a space for health and healing through love and empowerment.

We will design a program around your specific health concerns naturally and without medications.
– you are on medications already and would like to support your body better
– would like to bring balance to the body eliminating a need for medications
– you would like to prevent the need for medication
– Dr’s can’t seem to address the issue
Your body was designed to heal itself if we restore balance and provide the tools it needs. It doesn’t matter what the condition is. From the smallest cold to the biggest disease – there are ways to restore balance and provide what it needs to do its job. We will educate and support you through your healing journey, emotionally and physically. These are amazing machines that we live in. #careforthemwell
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Jennifer is a Holistic Health Practitioner. She uses a muscle testing technique to bioenergetically assess the bodies needs to create a designed clinical nutrition program for nutrients and detoxification. She is a wife, mother, philanthropist and a chapter leader for Weston A. Price who has a passion for health and wellness. Before her experience with nutrition, Jennifer struggled with several health issues, was on many daily medications and was facing hormone therapy at the age of 35. Since having a nutrition program that was designed specifically for her and detoxifying her body, she has been free of all drugs (prescription and over-the-counter) with no imbalances at all. It was truly a life change she feels blessed to passionately share with others.

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