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Lymes Disease

Unfortunately Lyme’s Disease has become an epidemic in our area but it goes misdiagnosed all to often.  Whether it be diagnoses like MS, Crohn’s, Arthritis or Alzheimer’s, the underlying issue could actually be Lyme’s.  There are many ways to naturally support your body in ways that promote healing.  Fill out our Lyme’s questionnaire and see where your symptoms fall.  Then schedule your consultation to find out how we can help!



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Jennifer is a Holistic Health Practitioner. She uses a muscle testing technique to bioenergetically assess the bodies needs to create a designed clinical nutrition program for nutrients and detoxification. She is a wife, mother, philanthropist and a chapter leader for Weston A. Price who has a passion for health and wellness. Before her experience with nutrition, Jennifer struggled with several health issues, was on many daily medications and was facing hormone therapy at the age of 35. Since having a nutrition program that was designed specifically for her and detoxifying her body, she has been free of all drugs (prescription and over-the-counter) with no imbalances at all. It was truly a life change she feels blessed to passionately share with others.

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