Holistic Integrative Approach

We believe your body have the ability heal itself by design. Our holistic integrative approach assists the body via removal of blockages that prevents healing, so you can maintain good health for a lifetime. Below is the specific process of your approach.

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Kinesiology (Kin-easy-ology) “the study of movement” / muscle testing is a therapy concerned with evaluating the function of the body at all levels through muscle testing. Testing involves the application of light pressure to a muscle, usually one in the arm.
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This assessment is based on the theory that there is a flow of energy running through the human body. Evaluations are done using Electro-Dermal screening devices or through manual muscle testing. Get More Info >>

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We use of sophisticated biofeedback equipment and complex computer software to identify the stress patterns and then take steps to influence, change or attempt to modify them to improve the wellbeing of their patient.Read More >>


Our comprehensive evaluation process that consists of two visits during which we collect data through testing and provide you with a report with findings and recommendations unique to your specific needs or concerns.View Process >>


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