SV2.0 Insight™ Scan

Bioenergetic testing using our Insight device provides an unprecedented communication link with the body allowing the detection of functional imbalance long before manifestation of noticeable physical symptoms.

This testing offers a completely safe and painless way to evaluate stress on the body using the latest advances in technology.  The Bioenergetic Body Scan eliminates the guesswork by determining the most effective protocol.

By applying your hand to SV2.0 Insight’s™ HID (Human Interface Device), digital frequencies are transmitted through the skin to establish a two-way communication channel between yourbody and the computer. It learns the specific language of your body by using sample signals to determine a normal or baseline mode and the range of its stress responses.

When baseline has been established, the SV2.0 Insight™ measures changes in wave patterns as the signals encounter similar or dissimilar frequencies associated with the your reactions to stimulus.

Although “energetic” testing is not new, our technology is so advanced it can measure even the subtlest of changes in the body. This powerful technology now opens an exciting view into the individual energetic patterns of each individual. It creates a view into the energetic signature of each person and is a valuable tool to promote the principles of wellness and balance.

Because of the importance in supporting the energy systems of the body, by use of this balancing process, many of the energetic blocks to wellness can be determined. Such blocks may include resonant stress responses to toxins such as pesticides and chemicals, or issues surrounding defenses for viruses, bacteria, fungus or parasites and energetic demands for particular vitamins and minerals. It is a completely dynamic system providing energetic insight to skeletal, nerves, organs, glands, hormones, amino acids and hundreds of other aspects of the body. Even emotional aspects that hinder overall health can be identified.

This device also enables us to imprint specific homeopathic signatures based on your body’s exact needs to be held  inside the product that is best suited for you.

It is important to note that the information obtained from our Bioenergetic Body Scan is not diagnostic, but pertains only to your body’s responses to various stressors, as it meets the daily demands of life.

Once the scan is complete, the SV2.0 Insight™ provides a rich assessment of your energetic imbalances. These assessments will become an invaluable tool to empower you with the understanding of how emotional blockages manifest in the body. You will claim greater self-awareness and responsibility for the necessary changes in habits, beliefs, and lifestyle, which underlie true sustained healing.

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