What Clients Are Saying…

I had trouble sleeping, pain in lower gut, joint problems, rash on ankle, prostate problems, feet problems. Now, sleep is great, no pain in gut, rash completely gone, prostate getting better every day, arthritic joints better. Overall, I feel 100% better in my body.

Before, I was eating things that apparently were giving me pain in my gut, even though I was eating organic foods. My diverticulitis was continually bothering me. I was highly addicted to sugar. Now, I feel better than ever in my life! No diverticulitis pain, no gut pain, lost weight (30 pounds!) and I am off caffeine & sugar with no more addictive behaviors, grains, and processed foods, and I don’t miss them at all! My heart, thyroid, colon, pancreas, etc, are all healthier now.
D. S.

My purpose in coming was to gain an overall better health condition as I was often tired, and lethargic with headaches and poor eating habits. In addition, weight often was an issue effecting my knees and even more my constant need to purchase clothes that fit. Now, my overall body condition has improved – I’ve lost weight, have very few headaches and have a considerable increase in energy accomplishing more at work and at home and no more crutches for my knees!

I came to Jen in hopes to get a better handle on my diabetes. Even with my medications I still struggled with an inability to concentrate, always feeling lethargic and getting physical “shakes”. In addition, I had terrible pain in my joints and I knew my prostate was struggling when I was experiencing a difficulty urinating in the morning. After only a few weeks I can think clearly, am able to focus, no “shakes” and my urination issues are already 50% better. I would say my joints are 80% better and even my eyesight is improving! My blood sugar is improving naturally as my diet improves and even when there is a spike I can feel it regulating very quickly.

I brought my son to Thrive! because he had a persistent cough for the last four months. I could not find anything that worked. While being tested by Jennifer she found a virus in addition to the cough but my son had no symptoms of a virus. Two days later he began with a fever. We started the regiment that Jen recommended. I also took him to the Dr which confirmed he did in fact have a virus and there wasn’t any treatment but to monitor the fever and expect the fever to last 3 days. Less than 24 hours after the first sign of fever, it was gone with Jens recommendations! Not only was his body able to handle the virus quickly and efficiently but his cough left entirely as well.

When I first came to see Jen, I was a mess! I had digestive problems, my skin was very dry and cracking on my hands and I was not getting my period on a regular basis. I am doing so my better now! My skin and digestion are much improved and I got my period without taking any medication to bring it on…YAY!

Before coming to see Jen I was sluggish, had severe allergies, high blood pressure, was overweight and felt miserable. Now I have managed to come off of some of my medications, I’ve lost 12 pounds, am not as sluggish, allergies and mood are improving! “

I just had to write and tell you that I am so thankful for you and what you do. My son, came down with what everyone else around us did, a serious sore throat… terrible cough, body aches etc. I immediately brought him to you instead of putting him on prescriptions that didn’t seem to be helping others who were having it last two months or more! After doing what you told him to do , he was better by the next day and back to school, 3 days later he said he felt totally fine and the little bit of lasting symptoms were not even effecting him. It was gone by the end of the week! It is amazing how eating healthy and attacking the problem with exactly what it needs right away, works sooo well!!! Thank you!!!

Last year my allergies were so bad I woke up with a film covering my swollen-shut eyes every morning. I would have to physically peel the film off. The sneezing, congestion and swollen eyes made this time of year absolutely miserable even after all of the many medications I took for it. This year, after beginning a program, I have sneezed a few times lol – literally! It’s absolutely amazing!

When I first began seeing Jen, I was on blood pressure medicine, tired, sluggish, moody, and had terrible cramps before my period. I was seeing my Dr. every 6 months because of my thyroid – which had nodules and my blood work indicated an issue as well. My cholesterol was also high and if it was not lower by my next visit, I would have to go on cholesterol medicine. My vitamin D levels were also extremely low.

I have been on a program now for almost 6 months and during this time I was able to come off of my blood pressure medicine. Last week, I had my blood work, EKG, and urine test done as usual and my Dr’s visit. He was blown away by my results and said “Whatever it is you are doing – KEEP DOING IT!” All of the test results are the best I have ever had with no thyroid, kidney, liver, heart, blood sugar, cholesterol, vitamin D issues whatsoever and I no longer have to see him every six months. I feel so good – certainly not like a 50 year old! Thank God for bringing me to this place and helping along this journey!

I began seeing Jen because I have been struggling with diabetes for many, many years now. My metformin was up to 2000mg per day and my blood sugar was still in the 200’s. To make matters worse, I also struggled with such frequent urination that I did not want to go anywhere and would drink as little as possible. The Dr’s performed prostate surgery saying this would improve the frequency but there was no change. I am so excited to say that within weeks the frequent urination was completely gone and I was able to drink as much as I wanted. Shortly after that, I was also able to completely stop my metformin AND maintain blood sugars in the low 100’s with many days below 100. Coming to Thrive is well worth the four hour drive it takes me to get to her!

This is one of the experiences that need more than 5 stars, not only Jen is compassionate, caring,honest and professional but if you are serious about getting better, and tossing the harmful pills and its long lasting effects for good Thrive Health Wellness is the way to go. My family is forever grateful for the restored health of my father in law, a 20 plus year diabetic, who after a few months of treatment is enjoying his restored health thanks to Jen’s treatment.