Water – A Life Source!

By now most of us have heard that our water contains the “Erin Brockovich Carcinogen” (Chromium 6).  Even if your township wasn’t on the list you would probably still find this in your water if you had it independently tested by a reputable lab.

Just out of curiosity, I had a water filtration company come out and “evaluate” my water.  They said that my chlorine levels were just fine (within the recommended limits) and yet there was more chlorine in my tap water than there is in my pool (and most parents would not encourage their child to drink the pool water).  My water also has arsenic in it.  Arsenic is a “sister” to fluoride and you can read more about its dangers here.

As for the fluoride, well, even if your township doesn’t “add” fluoride to their water it doesn’t mean they aren’t buying it already fluoridated and feel its ethical to keep this information to themselves.  If you would like to know more about the dangers of fluoride you will find the following links helpful:

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EWG’s: What Can I Do About Fluoride In My Water?

Fluoride Alert

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